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Sharon Shannon


  • Sharon Shannon Studio AlbumsSharon Shannon (1991)
  • Out the Gap (1994)
  • Each Little Thing (1997)
  • The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2000)
  • Live in Galway (2002)
  • Libertango (2003)
  • Tunes (2005)
  • Collection 1990-2005 (2006)
  • Live at Dolans CD & DVD (2007) Renegade (2007)

Recommended Listening

  • Sharon Shannon (1991)
  • Out the Gap (1994)
  • Each Little Thing (1997)
Concert Review(s)

Sharon Shannon live at the Point Theatre 2007

Sharon is back in Dublin again, with the full band. The bass and drums and sax add a lot to it with Richie Buckley blowing the hell out of the sax. They do some of it with the full band, some of it with just a few of them and some of it with a singer. The new stuff is very good. Dezi Donnelly does a solo spot with the fiddle and Mike McGoldrick does a bit with the tin whistle. There’s a few of the old favourites as well. Blackbird makes a welcome return, I haven’t heard her play that for years. She says ‘this is your last chance to get up and dance!’ She does the most amazing version of Coridinio with the full band on fine form. Then they go away and come back and do a couple of lively tunes. She says ‘I think ye should all stand up now’ and of course we all do. Great fun.

They said...

Sharon what can you say, a fairy on the buttons.
Fran Breen (The Waterboys)