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Moving Hearts


  • Moving Hearts Studio AlbumsMoving Hearts (1981)
  • The Dark End of the Street (1982)
  • The Storm (1985)
  • Live Hearts (1986) (recorded 1983)
  • Live in Dublin (2008)

Recommended Listening

  • Moving Hearts (1981)
  • The Storm (1985)
  • Live Hearts (1986) (recorded 1983)
Band Members
  • Dónal Lunny
  • Davy Spillane
  • Eoghan O'Neill
  • Keith Donald
  • Matt Kellaghan
  • Noel Eccles
  • Anto Drennan
  • Kevin Glackin
  • Graham Henderson
  • Christy Moore
  • Declan Sinnott
  • Mick Hanly
  • Brian Calnan
  • Declan Masterson
  • Greg Boland
  • Flo McSweeney
Concert Review(s)

Moving Hearts live at College Green 1994

Keith Donald and the gang are back in action again for one of their rare reunions. Most of the gang are present. Keith on saxophone, Davy Spillane and Declan Masterson on uilleann pipes, Matt Kelleghan on drums, Eoghan O’Neill on bass, Noel Eccles on percussion, Greg Boland, Anthony Drennan and Jimmy Smith on guitars. Earlier Something Happens and the Sawdoctors played and they were both brilliant. Moving Hearts do The Lark, McBrides, Category, and Christy Moore comes on to do a couple of songs with them.

They close the show with a brilliant version of the Storm, with a really hard sound with three guitars and two sets of uilleann pipes.

They said...

I have nothing to say on Moving Hearts as I was never moved at all by their music gibberish, their political views or how to run a band. Don't get me started.
Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

Yeah loved them as well, great band. But I think I preferred them when Christy left. I think they became more of a band on their own and less of Christy's slick backing band.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

Q. What are your favourite Moving Hearts' albums?
A. The Storm, Moving Hearts and Moving Hearts Live.
Noel Eccles (Moving Hearts)

Some great music, especially ‘The Storm’, Lunny was in top form. Prefer their instrumental music to their songs.
John McSherry (Lúnasa)

Moving Hearts were great, but they had so many different facets musically speaking, it was hard to love everything they did on record. Live, they were incredible, all line ups. (Except maybe not Flo, purely because it didn't marry)
Wayne Sheehy (Hothouse Flowers)

I interviewed them recently on radio, they played live, really like them with their celtic roots mix.
Alan Corcoran (RTE)

Loved ‘The Storm’ album and have always been a fan of Donal Lunny’s work especially the ‘Coolfin’ album.
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

My favourite Moving Hearts’ album is ‘The Storm’.
Greg Boland (Moving Hearts)

Q. What's your favourite Moving Hearts album?
A. My favourite Moving Hearts album is the one they will hopefully make this year!
Anto Drennan (Moving Hearts)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all great bands, love their stuff.
Benny McCarthy (Danú)

Brill - broke the ground for soooooooo much that came later!
Mike Moloney (DJ)

I appreciated what they were doing but they were too complicated for my taste. Reminded me of an Irish version of Weather Report.
Paul Byrne (In Tua Nua)

Now you’re talking! Simply the best at combining Rock and Trad and making it sound fresh for it's time. Loved them both as an instrumental and vocal band when Christy was with them. Saw them dozens of times in the UK and Ireland in the 80's and early 90's and was at two of their reunion gigs in Vicar St a couple of years back.
Kevin Crawford (Lúnasa)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all excellent bands!
Craig Walker (Power of Dreams)

Mark Dignam (Singer)

Moving Hearts was an exceptional band made up of exceptional musicians. They took trad back from Horslips and took it to another level altogether. Christy gave it his stamp. Flo McSweeney was another variation…and Mick Hanley brought to the band his immense talent as a songwriter and singer.
Shay Healy

Very big and very original sound.
Maurice Lennon (Musician)

A million people on stage all belting it out. In 1981, they sounded so new and fresh, and listening to that album, it still sounds great. In a lot of ways it was the Irish version of a supergroup. So many great players from so many areas of Irish music, and lots of politics too.
Ronan Johnston (Singer)