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Mary Black

Studio Albums

  • Mary Black Studio AlbumsMary Black (1982)
  • Collected (1984)
  • Without the Fanfare (1985)
  • By the Time It Gets Dark (1987)
  • No Frontiers (1989)
  • Babes in the Wood (1991)
  • The Holy Ground (1993)
  • Circus (1995)
  • Shine (1997)
  • Speaking with the Angel (1999)
  • Full Tide (2005)


  • The Best Of Mary Black (1990)
  • The Collection (1992)
  • Looking Back (1995)
  • Song for Ireland [USA] (1998)
  • The Best of Mary Black 1991-2001 & Hidden Harvest (2001)
  • Twenty Five Years, Twenty Five Songs


  • A Woman's Heart (1992)
  • A Woman's Heart 2 (1995)
  • A Woman's Heart: A Decade On (2003)
They said...

Q. What are your favourite ‘Mary Black’ albums?
A. I’d say my 2 favourite albums are Babes in the Woods and Full Tide.
Mary Black

It was a great idea and in many ways the industry is ready for something like it again due to the current economic climate that co-op approach would do well with all the great talent that is out there again. I love Mary and Francis Black and Delores Keane. But I have to say I hated with a passion the actual theme song “A Woman's Heart” I think it is one of the worse songs I ever heard. I don't like Eleanor McEvoy’s song writing. I find just the combination of her voice and her naff songs so bland, it's the audio equivalent of watching paint dry and I was a decorator for years!
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

We have not heard the album A Woman’s Heart. We like the song My Heart is low. We like the band Low!
Kieran Kennedy (Black Velvet Band)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. And yet again this project involves the very best of female artists, I have the original album and it has some great tracks, I am sure the tour is brilliant also.
Benny McCarthy (Danú)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. Great Idea like Lilith Fair!
Fran Breen (The Waterboys)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. They all have good voices and have great musicianship and presence. Some of their material is a bit too MOR for me though.
John McSherry (Lúnasa)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. A Woman's Heart was a great moment for women in Ireland when some of the most talented women in Irish music came together to make this signature classic album which held the no 1 spot in the Irish album Charts for almost 20 weeks. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of seeing the Woman's Heart Tour Live but had the privilege of writing with singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eleanor McEvoy recently.
Luan Parle (Singer)

Mary and Delores really stand out for me. Mary - what a voice, great to work with, a real lady. Delores - again what can you say, earthy. Silk or oak, or in between, like fine wines.
Fran Breen (The Waterboys)

Another lovely woman. Extremely sucessful and created a niche in the Irish market and illustrates how we keep our roots, whilst moving forward. I think Declan Sinnott deserves some credit for this too.
Wayne Sheehy (Hothouse Flowers)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. I try not to think of Woman’s Heart album and tour!
Matt Spalding (In Tua Nua)

Mary Black, stunning voice, occassional brilliant delivery. Chooses some great songs.
Matt Spalding (In Tua Nua)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. I saw it on tour and enjoyed it but sadly I think this is now a thing of the past, although the girls still seem to be doing reasonably well on their solo tours.
Alan Corcoran (RTE)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. I only know the single which launched Eleanor McEvoy into the limelight here. A great song and it really hit a note with women of all ages here in Ireland.
Paul Byrne (In Tua Nua)

Q. What do you think of the Woman’s Heart album and tour?
A. A great moment in Irish female power. Have played with a few of artists over the years and all a pleasure to meet & work with.
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with both Mary & Francis and I’m in awe of their hard work and abilities.
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

I have never heard the A Woman's Heart album. I vaguely remember a song called a Woman's Heart from years ago but that's all!
Craig Walker (Power of Dreams)

Well it was a very clever idea and it gave some Irish writers a brilliant opportunity to get their songs out there. We were introduced to some new writers who may have remained in their rooms were it not for the women who recorded and toured A Woman’s Heart. Much respect to the performers who always trawled Irish and Scottish waters for writers and discovered some very special writing talents. A Woman’s Heart seemed centred on the great voice of Mary Black, and I guess the family connection to the record company would have had its influence in that regard but we also heard the unique and powerful voices of Dolores Keane, Sinead Lohan, Sinead O’Connor, Mary Coughlan and my favourite and great friend Maura O’Connell. For me Maura is the epitome of a Woman’s Heart and her appearance on the tours gave audiences on this side of the Atlantic a rare chance to hear her beautiful voice. Eleanor Shanley in my opinion never appeared in the line up and that in my opinion was a great pity. As for the title track I have to admit I was never moved by it at all, but it gave the world a title, albums, tours, great musical collaborations, performances, gave our great session musicians a good job, and highlighted Irish music at a time when we were fishing too much in Nashville waters for recording material. So a big thank you to a Woman’s Heart on many levels.
Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

As for the Woman's Heart album and tour; as one who benefited from it by way of the Frances Black/Kieran Goss track, I think it was deservedly successful.
Oliver Sweeney (Hot Press)

I really don’t feel qualified to give opinions about other singers.
Sarah McQuaid (Singer) on the Irish female singers