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In Tua Nua


  • In Tua Nua Studio AlbumsVaudville (1987)
  • The Long Acre (1988)
  • When Night Came Down on Sunset (2007)

Recommended Listening

  • The Long Acre (1988)
Band Members
  • Martin Clancy
  • Ivan O'Shea
  • Miriam Blennerhassett
  • Steve Wickham
  • Paul Byrne
  • Jack Dublin
  • Daragh Tannam
  • Leslie Dowdall
  • Vinny Kilduff
  • Aingeala de Burgha
  • Brian O'Brien
  • Lovely Previn
  • Matt Spalding
They said...

I liked being in In Tua Nua, touring, making videos, recording studios making music, but I wasn't a fan of their albums. Heaven can Wait was one of my fav songs to play and sing. Their early albums and writing were good but they fell apart and the material became weak after a time, especially the album that took 2 years to record.
Lovely Previn (In Tua Nua)

Lovely's response is interesting. I would agree that the last album was a very different direction for ITN and was the album that divided the band and split us up. But hey all water under the bridge all in the past and nothing will change that now.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

That's a hard one in the sense that, for most musicians an album is a journey through a section of their life. "Map of Days" was the first album we recorded with Island Records and was probably the most exciting to record. Almost like a first love. The start of your dream of a musical career. Then when we got dropped by Island because of internal turmoil going on within the record company and the accountants slashing acts from their catalogue we got caught in the cross fire and got axed. Our first Virgin Records album "Vaudeville" was a huge milestone as we were written off by the press but came back stronger than ever. But for me that part of the journey was bitter sweet as my Mum was terminally ill and died during the recording of it. "The Long Acre" was probably musically our best album and the first that I was credited for playing guitar which I had done all through on all the In Tua Nua records.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

All good friends In Tua Nua!
Wayne Sheehy (Hothouse Flowers)

Q. What's your favourite In Tua Nua album?
A. The Long Acre.
Matt Spalding (In Tua Nua)

Fronted by Leslie Dowdall, I thought she was and still is a brilliant performer.
Alan Corcoran (RTE)

I think The Long Acre had some of our best songs and was the best ‘released’ album. Our first album, which we recorded for Island called ‘Map Of Days’ and produced by Ian Broudie (the Lightning Seeds) was the most innovative and original recording we made. It’s a pity Island were in such a mess at the time as along with a bunch of albums by other artists it never got released... but I'm working on it!
Paul Byrne (In Tua Nua)

Saw In Tua Nua in 1985 and was blown away, have been lucky to have worked with Leslie and Steve Wickham over the years.
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

Q. What's your favourite In Tua Nua song?
A. My favourite song was ‘Take my hand’, the only song that Sinead O’Connor and I played on.
Vinny Kilduff (In Tua Nua/The Waterboys)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all great bands, love their stuff.
Benny McCarthy (Danú)

Never achieved their potential- everyone needs a bit of luck - they didn’t get it.
Mike Moloney (DJ)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all excellent bands!
Craig Walker (Power of Dreams)

A few years ago Leslie, Paul & myself put it back together for a few gigs. Which was good to do. I wouldn't want to on a full time basis for a tour with some recording maybe.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua) on the possibility of getting In Tua Nua back together

Sure ...if there was a demand I would gladly do a tour.
Paul Byrne on the possibility of doing something with In Tua Nua again

In Tua Nua I kind of liked but never listened to a lot of their stuff.
Mark Dignam (Singer)

We shared rehearsal space in Litton Lane with In Tua Nua. They had the big record deal and a lot of buzz about their future. The live gig was great and we all fell in love with Leslie. Little did I know then that we would become life long friends and record, write and tour together as a duo. She is an amazing person with music in her beautiful voice. She writes wonderful songs. I meet the band the odd time and always enjoy the occasion. Jack Dublin was always a legend. Their mix of Irish music with Rock was very interesting. Brian O'Brien, the piper, somehow managed to play the pipes while rockin around the stage. That was some feat.
Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

I really doubt it Brian, I was a hired gun towards the end of their career and although friends with Jack, Paul and Ivan since childhood, I wouldn't expect the phone to ring should they ever decide to reconvene. I expect Wickham et al would complete a reunited ITN!
Matt Spalding on the possibility of doing something with In Tua Nua again

Q. What's your favourite In Tua Nua album?
A. The Long Acre.
Martin Clancy (In Tua Nua)

Almost made it.
Maurice Lennon (Musician)

Wow Brian...if they would ask me...but I'm willing to do anything with anyone because its music! that's what I live for!
Lovely Previn on the possibility of doing something with In Tua Nua again