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The Chieftains

The Chieftains were formed in 1962.


  • The Chieftains Studio AlbumsChieftains 1 (1963)
  • Chieftains 2 (1969)
  • Chieftains 3 (1971)
  • Chieftains 4 (1973)
  • Chieftains 5 (1975)
  • Chieftains 6 - Bonaparte's Retreat (1976)
  • Chieftains 7 (1977)
  • Chieftains 8 (1978)
  • Chieftains 9 - Boil the Breakfast Early (1979)
  • Chieftains 10 - Cotton-Eyed Joe (1981)
  • The Year of the French (1982)
  • Concert Orchestra (1982)
  • The Chieftains in China (1985)
  • Celtic Wedding (1987)
  • A Chieftains Celebration (1989)
  • Bells of Dublin (1991)
  • Another Country (1992)
  • The Long Black Veil (1995)
  • Santiago (1996)
  • Fire in the Kitchen (1998)
  • Tears of Stone (1999)
  • Water From the Well (2000)
  • The Wide World Over (2002)
  • Live From Dublin (2005)

Recommended Listening

  • Chieftains 9 - Boil the Breakfast Early (1979)
  • Another Country (1992)
  • The Long Black Veil (1995)
Band Members
  • Paddy Moloney (uileann pipes, tin whistle)
  • Matt Molloy (flute)
  • Kevin Conneff (bodhrán, vocals)
  • Seán Keane (fiddle)

Former Members

  • Martin Fay (fiddle)
  • Derek Bell (Irish harp)
  • Michael Tubridy (flute)
  • Seán Potts (tin whistle)
  • Peadar Mercier (bodhrán, bones)
  • David Fallon (bodhrán)
  • Ronnie McShane (percussion)
  • Séan Ó Riada (harpsichord)
They said...

The Chieftains are legends, been there and they have all the T-shirts. I do not possess a recording so I guess that says a lot. I do not own any Beatles records either and maybe these facts say more about my music taste against that of the masses.
Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

I am not a fan of the Chieftains but Matt Molloy is a superb musician. I really don't like Paddy Maloney as a person. Oh it's personal Brian and I won't go into why I don't like Paddy Maloney.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

The Chieftains paved the way for Irish Music around the world.
Fran Breen (The Waterboys)

Like their early albums. Lovely arrangements and good tunes. Not too keen on that whole collaberation thing they got into though!
John McSherry (Lúnasa)

I’m a huge fan of trad/popular crossover music so when the guys produce albums with Ry Cooder or Blue Grass artists I'm inspired!
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

The Chieftains and De Danann are two groups who have greatly contributed to Irish music.
Greg Boland (Moving Hearts)

Would love to sing with the Chieftains.
Johnny Duhan (Singer)

Dave Clarke (Hothouse Flowers) on The Chieftains

De Dannann are better than the Chieftains of Course! The Chiefs are good, long lasting, a bit tired for my ears but fair play to them, they never stop. I don’t know how they stick the pace, for young lads!
Frankie Gavin (De Dannan) on The Chieftains