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The Black Velvet Band

Studio Albums

  • The Black Velvet Band Studio AlbumsWhen Justice Came (1989)
  • King of Myself (1992)

Recommended Listening

  • When Justice Came (1989)
Band Members
  • Kieran Kennedy
  • Shay Fitzgerald
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy
  • Dave Horner
They said...

I never listened to the Black Velvet Band.
Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing)

Wasn't a fan but they had a couple of songs I liked.
Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua)

I am very fond of Kieran.
Matt Spalding (In Tua Nua)

Was that Kieran and Maria? Met them in my 2fm days, interviews were never dull that’s for sure!
Alan Corcoran (RTE)

Don’t really know too much stuff from the Black Velvet Band but I’m a big fan of Kieran Kennedy and Maria Doyle.
Gavin Ralston (Musician/Producer)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all great bands, love their stuff.
Benny McCarthy (Danú)

Some good songs- always felt there was something missing- turned out Kieran Kennedy needed to be solo - has released some brilliant albums since. Ditto Maria Doyle Kennedy - shame most of the world has not heard them - search and buy!
Mike Moloney (DJ)

The drummer in the Black Velvet Band was a mate of mine - Dave Horner. Great band but The Waterboys got all the attention in that genre.
Paul Byrne (In Tua Nua)

Horslips, In Tua Nua, Moving Hearts and the Black Velvet Band are all excellent bands!
Craig Walker (Power of Dreams)