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When we started the design and construction of the website we had Brian's narrative but no photos!

So where do you get photos quickly? The net.

Below we've attempted to acknowledge and credit the rightful owners of all the photos we used on the website but in many cases it was impossible to identify the owner or the copyright holder.

We'll be happy to add additional acknowledgements and credits, just let us know! You can get in touch via our contact page. We do check our email and we will get back to you!

Irish Music Legends (Home Page)

1. Altan - Courtesy

2. Eileen Ivers - Courtesy

3. Mary Black - Courtesy

4. The Waterboys - Courtesy

5. Kila - Photo by James Goulden


Band photo - Courtesy

In Tua Nua

Band photo - Courtesy In Tua Nua

Delores Keane

Photo - Courtesy


Band photo - Courtesy

Maura O’Connell

Photo - Courtesy

The Waterboys

Band Photo - Courtesy